Colored Gemstones or Colorless Diamonds: What’s Trending Today


The use of colored stones in gold and platinum jewels have debatable points, but jewelers have put that behind them to present to the market an extended selection of colored gemstone jewelry. Curved out of white gold, sterling silver and platinum, each of these pieces is a sharp distraction from the traditional jewels. When diamond solitaire rings first came up in the market, the match of white diamonds and platinum became the norm of diamond jewelry. For a very long time, people found themselves caged with that notion, and that resulted in the long run of the two together. However, the market is warping now as the interests of the people are shifting. If you are caught inside the web of white and silver, here is a closer perspective at colored jewels.

A Transgression from the Naturalized Trend
Jewels set with colored gemstones is an evident departure from what we have seen in the past few years. With the industry becoming smug with the color-neutral style of diamonds, enamels and other works that involve use of colors were slowly retreating into the background. The introduction of colored gemstones is not what was new to the market. It is the liberal use of these colored stones in gold and platinum ornaments that have garnered a lot of attention. It was distracting for diamond loyalists and to prevent diamonds from losing its customer base, the jewelers promoted the stone in different shades.

A Match for a Colored Outfit
Though neutral shades are considered safe and appropriate for both classy and colorful attires, these ornaments make a great fit for colored clothing. In reverse, they do go well with dual-toned and even monochromatic dresses, as long as your ornament design does not use gemstones of too many colors. Very summery, these ornaments have a very buoyant and shiny feel about them. They are a breath of fresh air from the cold collection of translucent stones.

Greater Choices
If you are making a switch over, be prepared for a sweet surprise. This section is pleasantly suffused with countless varieties. Jewelers around the world have actively taken to the production of colored gemstone jewelry. As the demand is soaring up, more and more jewelers are turning their heads and focus on colored gemstones. Both solitaires and cluster gemstone ornaments pepper this section. Necklaces, pendants, bangles, rings, earrings, brooches, charms, cuffs, tiaras, etc. are all available in colored gemstones.

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