A Color Cocktail Whipped with Diamonds and Sapphires


Does anyone find diamonds boring? That’s a rhetorical question, but think about it. The stone is colorless, seen almost everywhere in natural and Masonite forms, but almost never goes out of fashion. Wondered why? That’s because the halo of brilliance it casts when held under a light is hypnotizing. Though perfectly clear as glass, it’s the dance of light on the flats and points of a diamond that makes it so rare and beautiful a thing. But, if you are into colors and the prism effect is just not enough for you, here are some really cool launch sparking interests of millions that’s worth a read.

Purple-Core Platinum Ring
Purple beside colorless sparklers is electric. Whip up a little pink with it and its prom night. That is how this splendid ring journeyed from the mind of its designers into the shelf. The band of the ring is a plain string of white diamonds with a shock of purple in the center accompanied by two D-shaped pink accent stones. A perfect start to beat the Monday morning blues.

A Color Parade
If gorgeous is your statement, this ring takes you on a journey to experience lively colors. The center of this band is an affair of glitz and bling. If you can handle that, then here is a great way to add a diversion to your usual collection. Again a violet center stone, this one baguette cut, this yellow gold ring has a double-halo makeover. Two thin strips of diamond and aquamarine overlap the silhouette of the wickedly pretty purple stone at the center. A four-prong seating clasps the core gemstone while the outer rims are fixated in micro paving. This one is a splash of joy to any attire, morning or evening.

Pink on Rose Gold
Pink gemstones are a popular choice to go with prim rose gold, but that combination has not risked the sobriety of both the shades. This particular piece is a sharp and declared departure from the convention. The pink sapphire used in this ring is not lavender pink as you might expect. It’s not even all the way to French rose. The heart of this ring is a dazzling ultra-pink round-cut sapphire stone seating in a usual four-prong setting. The outer rim goes a little distant from the uniformity of the center to create a boxy round halo outside. The first string is set in diamond, while the outermost line is set in matching pink sapphire stones. Though the rose gold falls bleak at the back, but it subtly surrenders to the stonework.

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