Cluster Diamond Jewelry or Solitaires?

Which would it be for you, cluster diamond pieces or solitaires? Though both look stunning and both are diamonds, there are some nuances that are best not ignored to make the best decision. Though the two cannot be paralleled, they can be weighed on some parlances to help you put these two in perspective for an effective decision. Here are some earmarks that can help you side for either.

Diamond solitaires are loved because they look incredible. Is it the same for cluster diamond jewelry? Well, it wouldn’t be right to say that the latter is at par with the former like it won’t be fair to say that one is lesser than the other. Beauty is always a matter of perspective. Some are so faithfully in love with solitaire diamond jewels that they cannot stand to think of anything lesser than that, and cluster diamonds not being of the same worth as single greater carat stones, they often get dismissed over the former. However, if you look at solitaire jewelry side by side with cluster ones, you may have to look closely to be able to make out the real differences. That’s in terms of beauty.

The cost of cluster diamonds is far lesser than that of solitaires. Solitaire diamond jewelry use larger stones, usually sizes over 1 carat whereas cluster jewelry make use of scrap diamonds that have been chipped off while shaping a larger diamond. That evidently brings the cost down by a wide margin. If you do not have a very heavy budget to spend, then cluster diamond jewelry fare well to accommodate within thin budgets. However, unlike solitaires, their resell values are not as high and that’s something that discourages buyers from investing in cluster jewelry.

No jewelry retains to its showroom value through years of use. With wear and tear, the pieces lose microscopically on the weight of gold, platinum and other precious metals. Though diamonds tend to stand the effects of wear and tear better than heavy metals, some cluster diamonds find their way out of the clasp of settings from long use. So, that’s a risk of loss buyers take when investing in cluster jewelry. As for solitaires, the larger stones hardly ever fall out of the secure holdings of the ornaments. Besides, solitaire diamonds retain their value till the end of time. They can be sold off at the same price they were bought at.

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