Cleaning Diamond Jewelry at Home

Cleaning your jewelry requires no more skills than sorting the whites in a laundry basket, even the diamond ones. Though professional cleaning is widely advertised by jewelry stores, they can’t outdo the results of little weekly maintenance at home. So, if you have diamond jewelry that you wear every day in and out, you must take five minutes of time out to give them a weekly wash. You shall be surprised to learn how easily you can clean your own jewelry and how much it can extend the storeroom shine of your diamonds. So, here is how you can shine your diamonds at home in just minutes.

Soak Them in a Soapy Solution
Prepare a solution with a mix of warm water a few drops of your daily shampoo. Decide on the quantity of solution you need to whip up by the number of items you have for cleaning. Drop all your diamond jewelry in it and let them be for about 10 minutes. Make sure that water is not too warm and the pre-treatment must not exceed 10 minutes. Do not use the sink to soak the jewelry for really small and flimsy pieces tend to slide down the sinkhole easily, even when closed.

Brush Them from Inside
Now find a soft bristled toothbrush. If you don’t have a new brush to spare, use an old one, but it should have tender bristles. A kids’ toothbrush makes the best fit for the job. They have small and bendy heads and can be maneuvered around the corners of the designs pretty easily. When you brush the items, make sure you do it from inside and an outward motion to whisk out all dirt. Be gentle and do not scrub on the inside with a brush, no matter how soft it is. Doing it wrongly can scratch the surface of the stones.

Rinse Them under Running Water
Now hold the items in the cup of your palm, one at a time, under cold running water. Make sure your fingers are subtly parted to let the soapy water and froth escape from between your fingers. Do not rinse the jewelry with warm water.

Shake Them Dry and Wipe Them Clean
When all the soapy solution has been drained, now shake them dry. Do not swing your arm, but your wrist to do it. Hold them tight between your fingers and do this one at a time. Pat them dry with a clean towel.

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