Some Classic Ideas of Marriage Proposal

When it comes to proposing to the woman you love, some say very little, while others prefer to be verbose. But honestly, your emotions and feelings can be expressed only in a very few words, if your proposal idea is sharp. However, you choose to do it, you just have to have one thing in aim that is the romantic meter of the moment. The higher, the better. So, here are some great ways that have been inspired from real stories and movies in which you can propose to your love and melt her heart right away.

Channel set engagement ringRing in the Glass
Having the smart waiter slip the ring into her glass of champagne while you hold her attention with your very nervous expressions is a classic style that has worked perfectly for many. So, here is the classic ring in the glass motion for your proposal. Order a bottle of pinot noir, champagne, prosecco or something sparkling at the dinner and pull off your best move to grab her attention while the entire shebang is done right under her nose and she still remains clueless until something hits her lips with the last drop of liquid in the glass. However, we do hope that your fiancé doesn’t end up swallowing the ring with the drink, or that would be another episode of Two and a Half Men.

The Radio Jockey Messenger
If your girl is a radio person, then what better way to send her a communique than through the good old radio? There are plenty of radio shows that volunteer to bear messages and broadcast them on air for lovers. So, if you do not mind the thousands of others who might be hearing it along with the girl who holds your heart, then this is a good shot. That she’ll be struck with surprise is guaranteed.

A Proposal Graffiti
This may take you to hire a gifted graffiti artist and step over a few lines with law to spot and stain a wall down an alleyway, it is all worth it in the end. This will be a very unique proposal for sure, as long as the artist does a good job and you don’t get caught red handed for the authorized use and spoil of public property.

If all goes well, then you have a wedding to plan. So, better plan in advance to make everything work out well.

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