Choosing Necklaces Based on Your Body Type

If you asked a fashion designer or a fashion stylist, they would tell you that your ornaments make communications, not in the way of tipping people off about your taste in them, but a bunch of other things. Speaking specifically of necklaces, they draw attention to your body and thus, the design you pick makes a consequential difference to how your shape looks when wearing them. An example may clear this idea out for you. Have you seen how a heavy neckpiece like a Riviera necklace draws attention to your portrait area as opposed to short necklaces? That’s exactly how your neckpieces present your body or highlight certain features to the world.

A choker is about the shortest a neckpiece gets. Now, you want to sport a choker when you want to draw attention to your neck. Now, those blessed with a long slender neck may make the most out of a choker, for others, it’s not so much a statement making article. Those who have anything lesser than a slim, shapely neck may actually draw too much unnecessary attention to the neck thus revealing how short or broad it is. For those with shorter or wider necks, the choker can actually cut the length. In fact, those with really long neck may find sporting a choker a good way of hiding a bit of that extra length. Moreover, a choker is an option for lower necklines only. This also makes an argument for collars.

Long Necklaces
If your body’s best feature is your busts, then a long necklace is definitely an option to consider. Busty women often sport lariat necklaces that fall to the length of their chest. Now, while that is great, you don’t want too many eye balls directly on your bust area. So, try picking a long necklace that has a little something high up near the collar bone area. What it does is, it draws attention to the portrait area while making the face to neck and neck to bust look equidistant. Long necklaces also work great for smaller busts in accentuating the shape.

Longer Necklaces with Pendants
If you do not have a round tummy, then a long necklace that falls to your tummy makes a great fashion accessory. With a pendant hanging from it, the focal point is shifted to your tummy. So, if your stomach is not in the best shape, you don’t want people looking in that direction.

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