Choosing a Heart Shaped Diamond

Selecting a heart cut diamond that suits you is crucial. This shape especially has romantic feelings. While purchasing such a diamond, it is of prime importance to pay attention to the stone’s class and value as well as to choose the highest grade cut you can afford. A diamond’s shape is not the same as its cut; the latter concerns the jewel’s capacity for brilliance and fire. The skill of the cutter is crucial with heart shaped diamonds, in order to achieve perfect symmetry and proportions along with optimal sparkle.

Diamond rings with a heart shape are a sentimental and thoughtful selection as both a solitaire or with accent stones. Most jewelers do not carry a wide range of heart stones below one carat. If you cannot afford a one carat diamond, invest some time in searching a diversity of jewelry stores to find a perfect yet affordable jewel of this shape. Any reliable and trustworthy dealer who sells loose diamonds will most likely have a large selection of cuts, including a heart shaped diamond.

It is important to note that inventories of these diamonds are small compared other diamond shapes. If you find a pear or heart cut diamond that you like, it is highly recommended that you review the length to width ratio. These measurements have a great effect on the quality and appearance of your diamond.

Purchasing this type of a diamond is worth the extra effort as it represents an emotional value for the recipient as well as the giver, leaving a fond memory for all times to come.

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