Why Is Certification of Diamonds Absolutely Vital?

Diamonds, like every other investment comes with a guarantee, and its certificate is that guarantee of quality. Most buyers who are not exactly experts on the subject find it difficult to not get distracted by their beauty. As much as a diamond impresses every onlooker with its unmatched fire and scintillation, there are little details that make worlds of difference in their value and cosmetics. That’s what makes diamond certificates absolutely imperative. However, to discuss that in depth, let’s go over the reasons that stand to justify the importance of certification of diamonds.

Why Is Certification of Diamonds Absolutely Vital?

A Diamond Certificate
A diamond certificate is a grading report that is attested by a recognized quality inspection board that contains the technical details of a diamond. The information published on a certificate includes the 4Cs of the specific diamond, its symmetry, polish, fluorescence and every other attribute that that has been graded in the lab. It is a significant document that establishes the qualities of a diamond that are identified by recognized bodies of experts.

Where to Get One
GIA or the Gemological Institute of America is the most recognized board of grading laboratories at this point. So, most gems that make it to the stores across the country pass through the GIA scanner. There are other boards however, one being the European Gemological Laboratory. These are the laboratories that issue these certificates. You do not have to contact GIA to get a grading report of your diamond. Your seller should provide it at the time of the purchase. GIA does not grade diamonds for single users. If you have a diamond which you want to get checked by GIA, you have to go through a seller.

Differences between an Appraisal and a Certificate
Not all sellers offer a certificate with their diamonds. Instead, they offer, what they call an appraisal or a valuation certificate. Now they are arguably two different kinds of reports. A diamond certificate is a straight forward report of the characteristics of a diamond, whereas an evaluation or appraisal is a certification of the value of the stone. So, if you want a certificate that publishes the official value of the diamond on a certain date, you must have a certificate which, in a more precise manner settles the worth of the diamond on any given day. The bottom line is, you want a certificate for your diamond whether or not you want an appraisal or evaluation.

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