Celebrity Jewelry That Should Be on Your Bucket List

High street fashion is always exciting to see, and challenging to emulate. We love to read about which celeb wore what to the red carpet not because they are ultra-cool, but because we somewhere, wish to own them too. Right from Arcangel’s jewelry collection worth millions to Ciara’s 15 carat engagement ring, they are so closely covered and publicized because they give us inspirations to aim for bigger and better things. So, if you have a bucket list already, here are some celebrity jewelry that you may want to include in it. If you don’t have one, let these pieces be the reason to start one for “someday”.


Jennifer Lopez’s Harry Winston Drop Necklace

Jennifer Lopez is famous in Hollywood and among its patrons for her songs, and of course her fetish for diamonds. Though JLo’s diamond encrusted toilet seat may not be on your list, but her Harry Winston cluster diamond necklace sure should be. The drop necklace she famously wore in the Golden Globes has gotten the ladies hopelessly obsessed with her jewelry collection. For this 68 carat platinum piece, you may have to keep saving for a while.


Angelina Jolie’s Emerald Drop Earrings

Angelina Jolie is famed for more than just her bizarre antics in the red carpet. She is quite the diva that designers and fashionistas find aspirations and inspirations in. 2009 Oscars saw Jolie in a pretty black dress with nothing more than a suite of dazzling emeralds for accessories. Her earrings that year made headlines. Made of 115 carats of Columbian emerald, the piece was valued at somewhere around $2.5 million. We suggest you try finding a cheaper alternative.


Jennifer Lawrence’s Diamond Collar Necklace

Like as if her charming smile wasn’t enough to win hearts, Jennifer Lawrence decided to get hearts racing by showing up at the Golden Globes last year wearing a stunning diamond collar necklace from Chopard. Estimated to be worth millions of dollars, this 156.77 is a thing of beauty that we hope and pray have lesser alternatives.


Lady Gaga’s Art Deco Platinum Cuffs  

Finishing the list with another style icon of Hollywood, Lady Ga Ga who sported a pair of spectacular Neil Lane art deco, ruffled platinum cuffs at the Golden Globes last year. Together, the cuffs have 150 carats of cluster diamonds, totaled at 1 million dollars.

Don’t lose your heart on the prices because more reasonably priced imitations are available in the stores.

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