Celebrate Every Occasion With A Five Stone Ring


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! True! However, there are numerous types of diamonds with multitudes of cuts and clarity. The four Cs notwithstanding, you will not be able to make up your mind when you have the opportunity of buying a ring that is not strictly traditional. Forget the rock like solitaire diamond for once and concentrate on the aesthetics instead. Yes, your fingers are sure to take on a sparkle of their own when you decide to adorn it with not one or two but five distinct diamonds together. Welcome to the world of five stone rings!

You may or may not come across a lovely design that boasts of five different diamonds in a single setting. Do check the authenticity of the stones though and insist on each of them being GIA certified, you would lose out on the resale value otherwise. Try on the five stone ring for your anniversary or simply gift your partner an eternity ring that consists of a quintet of carefully selected sparklers. It may be emerald cut or cushion cut or even a whopping biggie round cut diamond interspaced with matching stones that may be similar or dissimilar in shape and hue. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the design of a five stoner though. You are free to unleash your imagination in the best possible way.

The next step is to get the ring set perfectly. Do ponder a bit over the choice of metal and opt for platinum or white gold when it is an eternity ring that you are keen on. Rose gold is a great choice for an anniversary ring though as the beautiful radiant hue is a great way to show the world that you are as much in love with your partner even after the passage of years. The five stone rings have enjoyed great popularity throughout. It might also be a winning choice for an engagement ring containing 5 identical diamonds. Pop the question with this unique ring and watch her smile match the diamonds sparkle for sparkle.
Five stones sparkling prettily on the finger is positively dazzling! Forget the price for a minute and concentrate on the quality for the moment. You can always tone it down a bit and get an entire diamond set comprising of a pair of ear studs and with a matching ring designed from the 5 distinct stones later. It is a sure shot way of achieving a lot more from a single ring eventually.

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