Caring for Your Jewelry

It is quite enlightening in itself to learn that there are ways between cleaning your jewelry weekly and keeping them locked in the vault, to preserve them. Yes, there are still some things that you need to lend an ear to, if you want to make the shine and shimmer of your jewels last. So much of caring for your jewelry is about handling them properly, and that is where most people fall apart. Cleaning is necessary, but knowing how to do it, is too, as is learning when it needs a cleaning. All these fringe factors make a lasting impact on the appearance of your jewelry. Here is how to ideally take care of your baubles.

Caring for Your Jewelry

Be Gentle With It: The only way you can make your jewels retain their shine for the longest time is to handle them with care. Even when cleaning, do not scrub them hard or clean them with corrosive agents. Do not touch them too often or scratch them against a rough surface. Be careful not to bump them often on hard surfaces. These little accidents can corrugate the surface of ornaments leaving them visibly blemished.

Inspect It Often: Take a moment to inspect your jewelry, the ones you wear every day, and the ones you do occasionally. Regular inspection makes small signs of wear and tear visible. A loose stop, or a broken clasp, a weakened prong or a dented surface is best attended sooner than later. So, it is important to pay attention to these little marks of depreciation to make repairs immediately.

Take It Off at Bedtime: You may have been told to take your ornaments off before you shower, cleaning and exercising. But, not many people will tell you to take them off before retiring to bed at the day’s end. Ornaments get bent and even broken from being twisted or pressured in the wrong angle during sleep. Besides, you may lose a tuft of hair to your necklace clasp, if you are not careful.

Carry It in a Jewelry Travel Bag: Always carry your jewels in a separate bag when travelling. Travel jewelry bags have many pockets and tailored pocket spaces to avoid tangling and bending.

Store Them Away from Light and Heat: Gems can fade and even develop fine crack lines on being exposed to light and heat. So, stowing them away in a dark place sounds about appropriate.

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