Buying Real Diamonds for a Paltry Price

At first, it might sound too good to be true, but this is not another marketing gimmick. It is actually possible to buy real diamonds for lower prices. There is such a thing as inexpensive diamonds, and they may not be the best grade there is, but they are still diamonds, and therefore, precious. If you are open to trimming your parameters a little and lowering your expectations just a touch, you can bag the best deal on your diamond purchase.
Here are some very effective ways of knocking off the steep price of real diamonds by only a few very witty, and surefire measures.

A Non-Traditional Shape
Only the non-traditional shapes of diamonds are the least priced. Irrespective of the carats, classic cuts like round and princess-cuts are priced steeply. So, to find something that matches your budget, look in the less popular genre. By that, I mean cuts like oval, marquise, pear, emerald and such. They are very stylish and sparkly, but just not as popular as the others.

Bigger Diamonds for a Smaller Price
If you don’t want to compromise on the size of your diamond, then get ready to compromise on the other qualities like color, cut and clarity to bring down the price to a modest level. Low quality cut diamonds are not as brilliant as that of D flawless and similar grades. Drop a little low and you will have a range of choices from under the slightly included to Included categories. To camouflage the yellow tinge on the diamond, you can place it on a rose or yellow gold diamond band. The stones lower in clarity have an antique feel about them which goes best with vintage-inspired jewelry.

Carat Vs. Cut
You can actually dodge the price bullet by choosing a diamond cut that has specific size advantages. Cuts like oval, pear and baguette have the benefit of visual illusion. They are designed to make stones appear flat, and therefore large. The bigger the table is, the larger the stone appears. This gives buyers an unprecedented opportunity to trim the price of the stone. Pick a small or moderate sized stone and get it cut into one of these cuts. When set in an ornament, it would look deceptively large, the price however remains low.

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