Buying Loose Diamonds Online

If you are looking for loose diamonds online, you probably are aware of the numerous benefits of buying them on the Internet, But the Internet is not like a store you walk into and claim a stone and pay. It requires careful consideration and skirting around some possible pitfalls. So, here is how to buy your loose diamonds online.

Go Exploring
Typically, the process of purchasing commences with shopping around. Over the Internet, it is no different. So, before you grab the diamonds of your choice, go exploring. With countless options at your disposal, it is a crying shame not to take a minute to look at your options. What’s a better place to do this than the Internet? Hop from seller to seller and peruse their collection, in one sweeping glance or through close examination.

Scoping a Diamond from a Remote Location
Precede your purchase with the inspection of the 4Cs. In a store, you have the opportunity of holding a diamond in your hand and studying up close, not that it offers anything more than just an illusion of assurance to the uninitiated. When buying online, there is no chance of physically examining the stone. So, in that case, your cue is the 4Cs. Find a seller whose information you can trust and study the 4Cs of the concerned diamond. Once you have adjusted your focus on these 4 elements, narrowing down to 4 or 5 options from 100,000 is only a matter of minutes.

Request a Report
When you are satisfied with the grades of a diamond, it’s time to act. Don’t take them at their word. Request a GIA report of the diamonds in question for clarity. A smart buyer gives credence to data only when it comes from an accredited source. In the diamond industry, GIA is the Ivy league of all grading boards. So, a GIA certification is the most satisfactory evidence of quality of all. In the same context, I must also mention that your choices should be limited to GIA certified diamonds only, if quality is at the top of your priorities.

The Return Policies
Browse through the return policies of a seller before ordering a diamond. Return should be flexible and hassle-free, and refund should be prompt.

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