Why Pay When You Can Buy New Jewelry with Old Forgotten Ones

Making changes to your personal jewelry collection does not have to be an extravagant affair, if you have a smart approach. Every year, designers and fashioner experts from around the world, collaborate to create jewels that go from arty to funky, original to reimagined and more. That spikes the impulse to add new things to your collection. But what happens to the old ones when they go out of fashion? We hardly ever throw away old precious jewelry just because they are no longer considered fashionable in a certain time.

While we hope that fashion takes a backflip and brings back some of those old ornaments back to fashion, there is no certainty that it will ever happen. But thankfully, those jewelry are not money wasted. They don’t have to lie in your box collecting dust and bearing reminiscence of a time. Unless of course it has no significant sentimental worth, you can get it exchanged for a new one. It is actually a pocket-saving way to keep building your treasury without spending recklessly.

The circulation of old for new is the best possible way to keep the cycle going without putting in more and more savings into buying fashion accessories.
Exchanging and re-imagining old jewelry is a practice that has been going on for a long time. Only the modes of the trade has changed for the better at this time. However, regardless of that, old jewelry still serve as the currency to buy new ones.
There are some jewelers that run a dedicated department to trade in old jewelry. While they retain some with consent from the sellers, others they remodel to make new ones. This has two benefits to offer at the customers’ end. First, re-imagining jewelry hardly ever cost more than an insignificant fraction of the real cost of the new piece. Secondly, if you wish, you can get a new piece made from the metal of the old jewelry you are asking to exchange.
There are jewelers who offer to melt down old jewelry and with the gold extracted from it, make new jewelry from scratch. That way, you know exactly the quality and quantity of gold that went into your new piece.

Exchanging an old piece for a new one is also a great bargain, as long as you don’t have any reservation.

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