Brilliantly Unique and Imaginative Alternatives


If you have been searching for an engagement ring that has a certain magic of exceptionality, something which is truly out of the ordinary – browsing unique and alternative designs is a great idea. Discovering a distinctive engagement ring for an equally incomparable woman is not an easy task. The following unique engagement ring ideas are contemporary yet classic and enthralling yet graceful. An inimitable engagement ring is a stunning way to ensure that the ring is the reflection of her outstanding style.

Unique Vintage Engagement Rings

A non-traditional engagement ring can easily come from a classically conventional idea. A vintage design – from the Georgian era style ideals of Jane Austen novels to Victorian design concepts from the novels of Bronte sisters – is an elegant and extraordinary choice for a bride who loves things classic and inspired.

Think an Art Nouveau engagement ring for the lover of whimsically artistic designs with elaborately detailed settings. Think an Art Deco ring for the woman drawn to the sophistication of vibrant accents and geometric patterns. Engagement ring flaunting the romance and glamour of golden old ages of Hollywood is perfect for the woman who swoons over the bold dazzling rocks of celebrities. A vintage design definitely adds an air of singularity to the engagement ring.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Think intensity, radiance, and dynamism, think colorful gemstones. When you are searching for something exquisite and vibrant, vividly colored gemstones make for a perfect choice. Moving beyond the limpid translucence of colorless diamond, your engagement ring can include precious gemstones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby to beautifully express the effervescent style of your ladylove. The luminous green of emerald, the versatility of sapphire, and striking scarlet of rubies make for unique yet fashionable alternative. However, if diamond is your preferred choice, you can play with the hues of colored diamonds like yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, and even black to make a singular style statement. A colored gemstone ring is as stunning as your sweetheart.

Custom-made Engagement Ring

Creating a bespoke engagement ring is an excellent idea when you want to surprise your sweetheart with a unique ring. From selecting the cut of the center stone, the ring setting, to the intricacy of design – you can decide every step of the creative process to help your jeweler design the exclusive and unique engagement ring for your bride.

Whatever the design, choose a ring that best suits her preferences and style.

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