Brilliance and Swank of a Radiant Cut Diamond


There is no dearth of amazement and splendor, when it comes to radiant cut diamonds. Blending the best of all things dazzling and classy, a radiant cut fuses the classy square-ish silhouettes of emerald cut with the sheer brilliance of round cut. A radiant cut diamond is a rectangular or square mixed cut with trimmed corners. Major diamond grading laboratories categorize radiant diamonds as Cut Cornered Modified Brilliant cuts.

Radiant Cut Diamonds: Characteristics and Guidelines

The radiant cut diamond is the primary square cut to have complete brilliant cut facet pattern designed on both its crown and pavilion, resulting in a lively and square diamond. This cropped corner square outline of the radiant is also a bridge between a princess and cushion cut. Owing to this versatility, a radiant cut diamond looks equally beautiful set with both square and round cornered diamonds.
In more rectangular and longer radiant cut diamonds, chances of finding a bow-tie effect is likely ranging from severe to nearly invisible – though the occurrence is not as frequent as on marquise, pear, and oval cuts. The visibility of bow-tie effect is nearly impossible to ascertain simply by reviewing the diamond certificate or its dimensions, unless you do a visual inspection.

Radiant cuts – thanks to their angled corners – do not face the setting issues of the sharply cornered princess cut which calls for additional care. Also, like princess cut, a radiant cut generally looks smaller from the ‘face up’ position compared to other diamond shapes of similar weight because of its different design.

What to Look For when Buying a Radiant Cut Diamond

When you are buying a radiant cut diamond, your primary concern should be the ideal shape and cut of the gemstone. And for that reason, you need to sort out your personal preferences. If you opt for perfectly square shape a length to width ratio of 1.00 ranging between 1.00 and 1.05. However, if you are inclined towards the traditional rectangle mingling the brilliance of round with silhouettes of emerald, the length to width ratio should range anywhere between 1.20 to 1.40.

To know the exact shape of your radiant cut diamond, find out the accurate measurements and length to width ratio of the diamond. If you are planning to purchase a loose radiant cut diamond or jewelry, it is always advisable that you do at least a visual inspection to evaluate the actual appearance of the gemstone and avoid any unwarranted hassle in future.

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