Bracelets: Bunch up or Go Solo?


The beauty of bracelets is in pairing. If anyone told you that single is the way to go, then it’s just not for accessories. Whether you are skinny or plump, tall or petite, chic or minimalist, there is no other way of wearing bracelets than stacking them together. Now, that barely means you can bundle up every piece of wrist wear you have and let them jingle. You have got to learn how to layer for that. Wearing bracelets is influenced by two key elements, one, your mood and second the outfit you have picked. Good news is your apparel will be determined by your mood, so that your clothes can choose the bracelet.

Mixing Is Great
You can’t be purchasing a new bracelet every day to prep up the look. You can do that by teaming up the right pieces. So how to tell which ones match and which ones don’t. Color is the key. Next is material. You have the license to mix and match materials as long as they conjure a lovely technicolor. Yes, white gold can hence be mixed with yellow gold and it would still make a godly combination. As for the kinds of bracelets, you can even match one kind with another. For instance, if you have one leather cuff, throw that in with slim chains and together they make the bulky bracelet you found yourself ogling at the shopfront. Solid bangles can be perfectly matched with beaded pieces, even though they are entirely two different types.
What’s unbelievable is that chunky costume bracelets can go with gemstone jewelry. But that is to say, everything doesn’t go with everything. Each piece has a feel, a persona of its own. They either go in contrast or fusion. If you are feeling wild today, then go for an outrageous mix of vintage with rubber bracelets. Yes, crazy that is, but the entire campus will not have an interspersion which is more curious than this.

So How Many To Load
Pair, but don’t pile. If it’s a heavy gem studded bracelet, then you can’t possibly carry off too many comfortably. A tip for those with an eye for extreme layering, pair that up with monochromatic outfits. The effect is a touch of color riot to the neutral background. If you are using thin bangles, then you can do about ten or more at a time. But, if you wish for a more jazzed up look, then you have the layer with bangles of diverse thickness. That makes the effect even better, if you must know.

Do mind your surroundings when getting dressed. If you are getting ready for the office, you don’t want to sound like metal junks clanking with each other. The slimmer bangles make a pleasing chime-like sound which goes good for colleges. The sound doesn’t attract too much noise.

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