Birthstones and What They Say about You

Gemstones, according to ancient healers have special powers that can heal, revive and make things happen. They can bring luck, wealth and health to their wearers. Basing on this understanding, astrologers assigned a gem to every month, so that everybody has a specific birthstone. The tradition continues to this day and somehow, through years of scientific breakthroughs, we have somehow managed to carry the symbols of gemstones deep in our hearts. If you are interested in that sort of thing, here are all the birthstones and their months and what they say about people.

Birthstones and What They Say about You

Garnet for January-Born
Garnets are dark red in color and the gemstone assigned to the month of January. Although garnets also occur in other colors like orange, green, yellow, pink, purple, etc., red is the color for January born people. The stone stands for love, compassion and emotional intensity. So, if garnet is your birthstone, then you make a good friend. You are a passionate person and your feelings are normally strong. Health is one of your gifts.

Amethyst for February-Born
Amethysts are dark violet in color and semi-translucent in clarity. They are a mark of nobility and royalty. An Amethyst is a sign of spirituality, sincerity and security. Those born to this birthstone seek true happiness and are spiritual at heart.

Aquamarine for March-Born
If you were born in March, then Aquamarine, the stone of ocean is your gem. Your birthstone says that you are an honest and loyal person, hopeful and positive and always young at heart.

Diamond for April-Born
The most precious of gemstones is the birthstone for April born people. As an Aeries and born to this gemstone, you are an openhearted person. You are kind, pure, loyal and always seek to unite than divide.

Emerald for May-Born
For folks born in May, emerald is your color and gem. Emerald is believed to be the bringer of good fortune. You are wise, successful and intense.

Pearl for June-Born
Your birthstone says you are a loving person, always successful and generally happy.

Ruby for July-Born
If your stone is ruby, you are generally healthy, loving and wise at heart.

Peridot for August-Born
This olive green stone says you are a lucky soul.

Sapphire for September-Born
By the gift of sapphire and your sun sign, you are trustworthy, wise, loyal and faithful.

Opal for October-Born
You are an interesting personality and have a positive mind.

Topaz for November-Born
You are kind, friendly and the wisest among your friends.

Tanzanite for December-Born
You are confident, mature and all about love.

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