Birthstones That Pair Best with Diamonds

Though diamonds alone can single handedly balance the aesthetics of a ring, there are some birthstones that look good with achromatic diamonds. Assortment of gemstones on ornaments work like a splash of color on an empty canvas. They pretty up any piece, as long as the colors are choicely picked and used in poised combinations. Now there are 12 birthstones, one for every month. It’s not possible to include all of them into one piece of jewelry, nor is it an aesthetically refreshing choice of design. There are only a few birthstones that sit well with achromatic diamonds. Customizing a jewelry should be accompanied by the awareness of those select few stones. They may help you achieve a stunner design that is not exactly a shelf material.



Aquamarines don’t exactly hold a central place in the jewelry industry, but new age designers are opening doors to newer ideas. You may take advantage of this movement to find aquamarines a place parallel to diamonds in your jewelry. This is a power couple as far as diamond jewelry are concerned. Candidly speaking, the pair hasn’t been played with much, but that’s even more an excuse for anybody to try it. The lucid, translucent blue haze of aquamarine is a wonderful pair to colorless diamonds.




Emeralds and diamonds are friends since time immemorial. The deep sage color of emeralds sit in sharp contrast to the quiet, translucent shimmer of diamonds. When placed side by side, the green from emerald scatters out and dances on the facets of its neighboring diamonds, creating a fiery show of light and color. The combination of emerald and diamond is loved particularly because emeralds make for the lack of colorlessness in achromatic diamonds while the fire of diamonds compensate for the lack of sparkle in the former.


Ruby or Garnet

Rubies and garnets come in shades that are pretty close to one another. The pigeon blood rubies which are the priciest, aside being the most popular variant, makes the finest suitor for diamonds. Red rubies in the same frame with diamonds look twice brighter and luxuriant than just by themselves. Rubies court diamonds like no other. The pair is a tried-and-tested addition in jewelry.



The last entrant in the list is not exactly the least suitable birthstone for diamonds. In fact, sapphires with diamonds are more commonly sighted in contemporary pieces than any of the above, and the pair is already a hit among its takers.

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