How Big Of a Sparkler Should an Engagement Ring Have?

The price points of engagement rings sway broadly from one to another. Although that may seem pretty confusing for a first timer, there are some clues that may bring some clarity to the pricing of engagement rings. A carat size diamond can have a price difference of $12000 with another. What a buyer needs to understand here is carat, which is supposedly the most vital price determinant, often has less to do with the pricing game than quality. Diamonds of higher grades normally have better clarity and color and that comes to reflect clearly on the price. With statements being made with rock-size diamonds on engagement rings, deciding on the size of the diamond often gets confusing for a buyer. So, ideally, how big of a gem should the ring have?

Honestly, there is no definitive answer to this conundrum. It should be a matter of personal choice and budget. Your engagement ring should be as big or small as you see fit. Here are the three prime slabs of engagement ring diamonds. A glance through will help you come to an informed conclusion.

How Big Of a Sparkler Should an Engagement Ring Have?

Below One Carat
Diamonds of this size are a typical pick for budget-friendly rings where diamonds are mostly used to accent the ring. However, a diamond lesser than a carat can have a central place in a ring, but only as long as it is accented by other stones. Channel setting and micro pave settings are used to place the smaller stones to give these rings a fuller appearance.

Over a Carat
If your diamond is over a carat, you are in a safe zone. Diamonds larger than a carat easily catch eyes, and all the same, they are not as expensive as to burn a fist-size hole in your pocket. Between one and two carat, the selection is pretty thick and diverse. This range is considered expensive because of the considerable sizes of the diamonds and the fine designs reserved for this selection.

Above Two Carats
Above two carats when you are in a mood to splurge. A price alert at the very start because there aren’t many ways to resize the price in this slot through use of tricks like compromising the quality of the diamonds. In all likelihood, a diamond that weighs over 2 carats comes for a handsome price, and that will require more than stretching your budget a bit.

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