What Makes Bezel the Most Durable Setting?

If you are into rings, you probably already know what a bezel setting is. For those who don’t know, it is the second most popular setting in rings at present. Minimal and modern, it is also known for a second reason, which is its subtle and practical design. Yes, a bezel setting is the best pick there is for wearers with an active lifestyle. With a very modern look and a durable built, the bezel is the chosen setting for rings that demand a sturdy setting. But, that does not explain what makes it the most durable setting of all. So, let’s find out.

A Close Look
A bezel setting encircles a gemstone from around, hugging it closely with a thick metal border that but reveals only the top of the stone. In a bezel setting, a diamond stays out of view from girdle down. That makes it a low-profile setting. The metal rim with which it contours the diamond is a thin one, which means that a stone with extra depth does not qualify for a bezel setting. However, if you are not comfortable with full coverage, there is a partial bezel which unlike the full bezel, does not go fully around the stone. It leaves some space out in between revealing the glimpses of the sides.

A Perfectly Wearable
A bezel, both full and partial is a very wearable setting. Even the ones that have open sides do not catch on fabric or hair. As for maintenance, a bezel does not catch any dirt from a week of wearing. It’s very low maintenance and cleaning it is twice as easy as any other dainty setting. It has been rated as a great choice for people with active lifestyles, Nurses, teachers, landscapers and people from a wide range of vocation has voted bezel as their favorite ring setting.

Lastly, the bezel is a very sturdy setting. It doesn’t pick up a dent or loosen easily from a little knock or wear. It is sleek and modern, but very tough and heavy duty. The bezel setting has been fashioned to protect the gemstone from all sides. That ensures two things, minimum damage and maximum protection. It does not snag on clothes, it prevents all possible damage to the stone and does not get weak even after years of heavy use.

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