Best Surprise Gifts That Reveal the Romantic in You

Every woman prizes the romantic in her man. But sadly, it’s not every day that you can be a poet to pen lovey-dovey lines or be the chef who makes her favorite breakfast. It is then the rare moments that a man must seize to show that the romance between the two is very much alive and that he is still in his heart the same person that she fell in love with. Time can wear down the spark between two people but it is in events like a wedding anniversary or her birthday and such that you are ordained another chance rekindle it and set things right until the next time.

So, what would make the best surprise gift for your wife on a very special occasion? The answer to this is a single word- diamonds.

A Solitaire Ring

The first and most obvious selection in this section is a diamond solitaire ring. Now, this might sound a prosaic idea to you, but think again, why diamond solitaire rings, despite being around for so many years, still occupy an ace place in the gallery. These rings are one of those timeless pieces that never really go out of fashion. Each time they wow the receivers and win over the hearts of even the most questioning and persnickety person. So, this is a safe and no-miss choice for wedding anniversaries.


Diamond Studs

However, if you are still not married to her and don’t want to drop the wrong hint, then these studs make an equally lovely surprise. Just a pair of plain diamond studs holds enough radiance to light her eyes. Diamond studs come in all sorts of stone settings, but bezel and prong settings are the known popular favorites. If her taste is not offsetting to convention, then either of them can bring out that disarming smile the instant she lays her eyes on your surprise.


A Pair of Drop Earrings

This can be a lot costlier than the above two, but you know she is worth it. If you want the surprise to be truly grand, then get her a pair of diamond drop earrings. Every woman covets one and there is no way she can be an outsider to this wagon. A couple of celebrities have walked the red carpet wearing these bedazzling pairs of diamond drop earrings. So, that makes them quite an asset, with their aesthetics established by the predecessors.


A Charm Bracelet


This is another fine artifact for a regular wear. Customize the charm for your ladylove with shapes and symbols that mean something to her. Golden charms beset with diamonds and hooked to a platinum chain or vice versa is a winsome combination. Inclusion of other gemstones is recommended.

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