Best Sparklers from the Oscars 2018 Night

The Oscars night and after-party evening shimmered with precious gems and metals that celebs came adorned in to attend the most prestigious award show of Hollywood. This year was the 90th year of Oscars, which was a mini celebration in itself. Actors, directors, producers and others showed up in glad rags paired with some of the most stunning jewelry ever to have seen the light of day. Even the blinding lights and incessant camera flashes could not dim the shine and sparkle of the jewelry which made their wearers look like Gods on earth. That said, let’s take a quick look at the best Oscars jewelry this year. Brace up for the ride may leave you breathless.

Best Sparklers from the Oscars 2018 Night

Allison Janney’s Diamond Gala
Definitely one of the best suites seen in the Oscars this year, Allison Janney’s jewelry wowed the crowd leaving them open-mouthed at her wake. Her jewelry was given by Forevermark which is already a big name in diamond jewelry. Among other things, she wore a Rivera necklace which was set with graduated 55.26 carats of white diamonds set in a platinum frame. If you thought the neckpiece was quite the showstopper, you sure haven’t seen her 18 carat diamond ring which was accented with side baguettes. Other jewelry in her collection include diamond studs and pair of diamond bracelets all of which are equally worthy of awe.

Gal Gadot’s Tiffanies
Anyone seen Gal Gadot at the Oscars. She was the show stealer of the event and every time the camera was on her, I stopped blinking. Aside her shimmering Givenchy gown, what was striking about her attire was the premium necklace that sat smug around her neck. Set between the plunging neckline of her dress, was a 27 carat aquamarine drop which hung from a chain style platinum necklace also carrying aquamarine stones worth 61 carat. The necklace came from the Blue Book collection which is a premium range of Tiffany and Co.

Ashley Judd’s Diamond Extravaganza
I could not help but finish this list with another stunning suite which was sported by Ashley Judd. The actress wore a purple gown from Badgley Mischka which she accessorized beautifully with Bulgari diamonds. Her set included 18K white gold earrings carrying 10.17 carats of achromatic diamonds, 1939 broad band diamond bracelet and a 1930 neckpiece. While the bracelet and earrings definitely took away all the credits, the diamond loaded, double-row neckpiece definitely swooped up the rest of the praises.

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