The Best Pick of Ring Metals for Engagements 2017

The Best Pick of Ring Metals for Engagements 2017Your choice of gems is vital to the aesthetics and symbolic success of the engagement ring. But did you know that your choice of metal also affects both these aspects plenty? Yes, the metals and their tones speak volumes about your relationship and the kind of person you are. So, this holiday season, pop the life changing question, but before that, grab that perfect ring. Before you do all that, here is a little information that will help you decide on the right metal for your ring. In case you are confused what color of metal to pick, take a quick read to find out which one will fit with your story.

Rose Gold Is for the Romantics: Rose gold is one of the hottest choices of metals in the section of engagement rings. Women are in love with the rosy tone and feminine quality of the metal. So, if your lady love is open or a secret romantic, the best way to get her to say yes is to propose to her with a lovely rose gold ring. The pink color is a win-win for women of all tastes. Rose gold gets its pink hint from copper that is present in its alloy. The color flatters all kinds of skin tones. Make your proposal passionate with a rose gold ring.

Yellow Gold for the Classic Lovers: If the bride to be is a traditionalist, then there is no better choice than yellow gold. Stick to the classic and she will appreciate that. Yellow gold engagement rings are arguably the classiest range in all metals. They are glamorous, beautiful and sophisticated. To complete the effect, add a diamond to the center of the ring and you are all set. You can go a different direction with fancy colored stones like blue sapphire, ruby or emerald for a little pop of color.

Platinum for the Mod Couple: Most modern jewelry items are designed on the principle of minimalism. They use very little details, very subtle designs and are mostly curved in platinum. If your bride is a modern girl with modern tastes, then a platinum diamond engagement ring is apropos to the context. The shine and luster of platinum stays forever. It has a naturally expensive look and diamonds only work to make it timelessly stylish. Platinum rings barely require any maintenance which makes it an everyday wear.

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