The Beauty of Round Brilliants

The Most Famous Diamond Cut

Round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring with halo diamondsRound brilliant cut diamonds debuted in 1919. Marcel Tolkowsky dedicated his doctoral research to creating the brightest possible diamond. He found that adhering to the right proportions, ratios and angles kept light within the stone. Their shine makes round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings the most popular of diamond bands.

Tolkowsky’s dissertation outlined how to cut a diamond to bring out its best qualities. With the right depth and polish, light fills the stone before returning to the viewer’s eye. While earlier diamond cuts also had brilliance, their proportions varied. Tolkowsky paved the way for consistent brilliance.

A popular way to wear round brilliants is in a solitaire ring. These are worn as engagement, wedding or anniversary rings. The band itself can be any metal or design. With this style, little takes attention away from the round brilliant’s beauty. The classic design means the ring is always stylish, and never out of fashion.

Round brilliants often appear in three stone diamond rings. The bands feature three gemstones of the same cut, with one jewel larger than the other two. The diamonds are said to represent the past, present and future of a relationship. This makes them popular for engagement and wedding bands. A cut well known for its brilliance adds to the ring’s appeal.

Along with serving as central stones, round brilliants are commonly used as accents. These diamonds are typically smaller in size for ease of mounting, and to avoid taking attention from the main design. Pave mounts commonly use little round brilliants. Larger and tiny round brilliants may appear in the same ring, such as pave wedding bands topped with a half carat diamond.

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