Baubles to Add to Your Treasure Box

If fashion was a band, it would be in a very twisted and turned form at this point. That is not necessarily an absurd thing, because fashion, like everything else around us is constantly changing. Since the time it started to this millennium, it has warped and wrung with the passage of time, bringing to the people new and exciting things to express their style. The trend holds this year too. So, if you are thinking of shopping for jewelry that will keep in collection in alignment with the trend this year, then here are a few pieces you want to consider.

Moonstone Studs
The selection of moonstone studs in the galleries this year hasn’t exactly been plentiful, and that makes it all the more reason for you to pick a pair. Moonstone studs, by all standards, are pretty. The stones shine a blue tone from the contours of the studs, something that is rare and beautiful, all at the same time. They are unique because they are not getting mass produced just yet. So, grab one of your choice before the fad catches up with the rest of the market and it loses its novelty.

Braided Bands
If you don’t already have a braided band in your stack of rings, then it’s time to get one. These rings have taken the market by storm. The design is as simple as it gets. These pieces are woven with two strands of metal that are braided and curved into rings. Simple and delicate, braided rings are available in all colors of gold. If you prefer platinum over gold, then get yours made in sterling white metal by your personal jeweler.

Leaf Brooches
Brooches are anything but new, but these leaf brooches sure are a novelty in the shelves right now. Designed in the shape of leaves emerging from a small branch, these brooches are a perfect addition to any attire. Tuck them to the front of your blazer or wear them on the collar of your gown, these brooches are pretty enough to stand out from their backgrounds. Pick one that features adequate details in the design. Leaves in most pieces are studded with diamonds for better effect. However, the gold leaf brooches are not so bad either, as long as they show good craftsmanship in the fine details.

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