The Basics of Jewelry Buying for Your Beau

Buying jewelry for someone else is a pain- most would agree to this, but that is only because they don’t know that it doesn’t have to be this difficult. In fact, if you can put a pin on the basic of jewelry buying for your partner, it comes down to a pretty simple exercise. If you think I’m oversimplifying a highly complex task, then it’s because you still haven’t got to the details of this activity. Let’s learn the basics of buying jewelry for your partner in a few easy steps.
The entire project can be split up into four separate tasks. The first three involves a little learning and the last, a little sleuthing (nothing nearly major).

Popular Metals
When you have the Internet at hand, information is just a click away. To get started, learn about the popular metals of the time. For instance, this year, yellow and rose gold are the two most popular metals. Up until 2017, yellow gold was nowhere close to the front seat. The buyers were more than pleased to build their collection of white metal jewelry. But 2018 changed that totally. So, depending on the year you are in, find out all about the popular metals. If you have a female friend who keeps herself updated in fashion, then feel free to ask her.


Metal Purity
If you are totally new to jewelry buying, then there are some basic information to rake up. Metal purity is the first of them. In gold, K stands for Karat which is the unit of measurement of purity. 24K gold has 100% purity, but gold in fully pure form is too soft to work with. That’s why the purest kind of gold used in jewelry is the 22K which has 91% purity. For gemstone jewelry, 18K and below gold is used. While 18K gold has 75% purity, 14K is 58%.


Gems in Vogue
If you are thinking of gemstone jewelry, then find out about the jewelry that are in vogue at the moment. As of 2018, diamond is the most popular, followed by a gamut of colored gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and such. Even colored diamonds are on this rise this year.


Know Their Style
Don’t buy something on your whim. Instead, try to figure out their particular style and taste. Note the kind of jewelry they wear. If possible, try to get a peek at their jewelry collection to get a better idea.

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