4 Most Astrologically Powerful Gems Known

Gemstones are said to have metaphysical properties, something that the science of horoscope and astrology probes into. Almost all gems known to mankind bears some power. Out of them, there are a few that are maximally potent. In all, there are 4 gemstones that can be named in the list of most astrologically powerful stones known to man.

These gems are a reserve of vital energy that interact with the aura of their wearers in the most effectual manner to bring about positive thinking and attitude. They are believed to bring luck and good fortune to their wearers through their vibes of positive energy.



4 Most Astrologically Powerful Gems Known

According to the Vedic astrology, diamond is one of the most astrologically potent stones there is. High on magnetism and natural charisma, a diamond is not just about its exquisite beauty and unparalleled brilliance. It also evokes in its wearers a sense of benevolence and kindness. If you find yourself making more friends soon after you wear a diamond, don’t be surprised. Diamond is not just a fashion additive, but an accompaniment for life. It stirs the desire to feel and look attractive. It fortifies the bonds of love and friendship and kindles the flickering romance in relationships.



4 Most Astrologically Powerful Gems Known

Rubies are said to be the “gem of kings”, and that makes sense considering its countless metaphysical effects. Rubies were worn by monarchs as an emblem of great honor and high social esteem. Its prophylactic properties are known to keep evil spirits and negative emotions away. Rubies have helped many of their wearers fight maladies like headaches, joint problems, etc. The fiery red of a ruby is an antidote to negative energies like jealousy, spite and hatred. People in administrative and political works have found rubies very effective in ascending the ladder of success.



4 Most Astrologically Powerful Gems Known

The verdant green color of an emerald is a sight for sore eyes. But, there is more to these sparkling stones than just their color. People who have worn emeralds for life have happened upon good things in life quite unexpectedly, and have even tided through bad times with minimum effort.



4 Most Astrologically Powerful Gems Known

In astrology, pearl is believed to be the bringer of good luck and prosperity in life. It promotes confidence and harmonizes the extremes in life, leveling them evenly for a smooth sailing experience. Emeralds also bring help to people who are in the middle of a financial crisis.

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