Asscher Cut Diamonds—A Rare Jewel

The Asscher cut diamond was named for the Asscher brothers who developed this diamond cut in 1902. Similar to emerald cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds have cropped corners, giving them eight sides while still resembling a square or rectangle. Until a few years ago, this style of diamond cut was hard to find.

The Asscher cut diamond had a heyday in the 1920s, with its sharp geometric lines matching the popular Art Deco aesthetic. The cut has had a modern revival, thanks in part to its 1999 update, the Royal Asscher cut. The Royal Asscher has 74 facets, up from the original’s 58. The 16 extra facets are on the pavilion, making the 1999 Asscher cut much brighter than other step cut diamonds. Popular TV shows such as Sex & The City further promoted the Royal Asscher cut.

Ideal Asscher cut loose diamonds should be of ‘Good’ cut, with a color of ‘G’, a clarity of SI2, a table between fifty-four and sixty-three percent, and a depth percentage of sixty-four to seventy-two percent. At home, you have the option of visiting different online retailers, taking your time to compare settings, sizes and styles to ensure that you’re happy with your decision. There’s every reason in the world to choose Asscher cut diamonds for your rings and other jewelry.

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