Art Jewelry Taking Over Older Traditional Style

Art is inherent in all creative pursuits, and that applies to jewelry designing as much as to painting and poetry. After what seemed like an entire age of safe betting, the jewelry industry in 2016 is moving towards the precipice of a stark reformation. We have, for long now, seen and satisfied ourselves with traditional and predictable designs. Heralding the coming of a new dawn, jewelers of the 21st century are making the pronouncement through artistic jewelry that discredit all that was deemed luxuriant and rare before now. A couple of pieces that came to be highlighted as the torchbearer to this new paradigm have been mentioned below with a brief description each.

Papillion Ring
One look at this ring and you’ll be moved to wonder how designers before this piece have so complacently ignored these majestic winged creatures when drawing inspirations from nature. In truth, some may have, but the manifestation has barely ever touched the elevation of this one. This butterfly ring has a pair of massive wings spread out to give the piece a size and substance. The wings throughout are beset with hundreds of small-size cluster rubies. A slice in between replicates the body of the butterfly. The slim Marquise patch is inlaid with colorless diamonds. The perfect rounded finishing of the piece adds to the overall beauty.

Jeweled Sparrow Wristlet
Sans the gloss and polish, this wristlet can surely pass as a work of art from some past century. Curved in sterling silver and encrusted in gemstones, this piece exhibits its designer’s incredulous eye for details. The piece is a feature-by-feature replication of a real sparrow. The eyes are replaced by two diamonds. A dense work of filigree beset with diamonds and rubies cover the body. Lastly, the tail is completed with three Marquise cut rubies. A three-line chain hangs from the bottom of the piece that attaches it to the wrist.

Pearl in Platinum Ring
This piece uses a large pearl at the center. Curvaceous petals grow out from around the center. The sepia tone of the pearl is deftly countered with diamonds encrusting of the petals. The entire piece is curved in platinum. Another big-size ring, this one requires no accompaniment when worn for an occasion. You can keep the rest of the arm bare for all eyes will roll over to that giant pearl and diamond piece on your finger.

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