Aquamarines, the Stones of the Sea

If blue diamonds are beyond your reach, turn to aquamarines instead of blue sapphires and other equally expensive alternatives. Now, you may not have thought of aquamarine being an alternative for blue diamonds, but they are definitely worth a chance. Speaking strictly on the present context, aquamarines are on the rise this year, and why not? These brilliant stones have been living in the fringes for ages now, but it seems that the veil is lifted at last. People, both merchants and customers are finally able to look clearly at aquamarines as ‘the gem’ to think seriously about. So, even if you have half-bought the idea, here are some reasons why you should consider owning aquamarine jewelry this season.

Cushion cut aquamarine ringA Shade of Blue Rare and Abundant in Nature
Aquamarines are a color so bright and beautiful that it is almost impossible to find a match in the nature. The color of the ocean is the closest possible match to the aquamarine swatches. Blue gemstones are not exactly rare, but this shade of luminescent bluish-green definitely is. Of gemstones, this color is seen only in this one variety of beryl that we know as aquamarines. So, if your gem collection has most of the commonly known expensive ones, it’s time to consider adding aquamarines to it.

A Calming Effect Second to None
Astrologically, aquamarine is a very potent stone. But, if you are not a believer of anything pseudo-scientific, then satisfy yourself with the evident. The color of the stone has a calming effect on the wearers. Not going into the supposed prophylactic properties of the stone, at a visual level, the color of the stone triggers a feeling of calmness. Aquamarines do not feature dark shades of blue. Contrary to the popular misconception, the stones are very translucent with a slight hint of blue which passes into the corners and crannies of the stone. When viewed through a jewelers loop, the color distribution of the stone comes to visibility.

If It’s Platinum, Think Aquamarine
I personally haven’t seen anything quite like an aquamarine framed in platinum. Of course you can name more than enough stones that match great with platinum, but you have to count aquamarine in it. The pairing looks anything from delicate to sophisticate. So, if your style is either of these, then you must try aquamarine-platinum jewelry for a change.

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