Aquamarines All Year Long

The shade of the ocean is not only one of the most comforting colors, but it is also the most fashion-friendly tone there is. Aquamarines are lovely blue gems that mirror the color of the ocean at its serenest tone. Uniting nature and fashion, these stones bring to the ladies perfectly affordable accessories that are unsurpassable in their aesthetic quality. Compatible with all skin colors, aquamarines are elegant, rich and spectacular. There are probably only a handful of people that these stones do not appeal enough to. If you love your aquamarines like you love your diamonds, then here are some jewelry pieces that can be your fashion accessory all year round.


Aquamarine Solitaire Swirl Pendant

Aquamarines All Year Long
The Aquamarine swirl pendant is a versatile piece of jewelry that is a wear-on for all days of the week. Whether you are dressed for work or party, this pendant never looks out of place with any outfit. Simple and straightforwardly designed, the pendant features a single aquamarine gem that sits at the center of a swirl that rises to join the chain by the loop of its twist. A lovely piece of pendant, swirl aquamarine pendants are available in gold, silver and platinum. However, the motif looks the loveliest in white gold and platinum.


Aquamarine Solitaire Studs

Aquamarines All Year Long
Solitaire studs are generally expensive affairs. Carrying solitary gems of sizeable mass, studs are bedazzling and pricey. However, the latter does not hold much good for aquamarines. Aquamarine studs are inexpensive, and no matter the size of the gem you choose, it is always on the affordable side of the scale. As for its aesthetics, a set of aquamarine studs is divine in its beauty. The pale blue of the stone trickles from its heart and lights up the face of the wearer in an instant.


Aquamarine Drops

Aquamarines All Year Long
Moving towards ornaments a little more statement-like, there are very few jewelry pieces that can match a pair of aquamarine drop earrings in their beauty. Truly majestic, the splendor of the gems reveals to the fullest in drop earrings. The adornment of the earrings weighs in to magnify the gorgeousness of the rings.


Aquamarine Single-Row Tennis Bracelet

If you are looking for a gemstone tennis bracelet that is unequivocally stylish, and also dainty, then aquamarine tennis bracelets are it. A handful of globule-size aquamarines, shimmering and tantalizing woven into a string that closes in the ends to form a bracelet is an ideal match to all outfits.

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