Most Ornate Antique Jewelry to Have Ever Been Auctioned

Antique jewelry shows are quite something. It is a place for not just the Richie rich collectors and celebrity bloggers, but anybody who takes an interest in ornaments. For those of you who have been invited to an antique jewelry show would know this. It is a window of opportunity to witness some of the finest pieces of jewelry ever to be curved. The excitement to stand by and witness the bidding and final sale of these mind-boggling pieces of ornaments from the past is immeasurable. Listed here are some of the finest antique ornaments that have made appearances in auctions in recent times.

Most Ornate Antique Jewelry to Have Ever Been Auctioned

Victorian Gold and Pearl Bracelet
This breathtaking piece of ornament exceeds all expectations in craftsmanship and finesse. An incredibly brilliant exhibition of hand skill, this hand finished bracelet is a stunning specimen of Victorian craftsmanship. Curved in 18k gold, this bracelet is studded all over its center strand with natural pearls and angel skin coral. The iridescence reflected upon by the yellow of the gold is swoon-worthy.


Cut Steel Earrings from the Victorian Age
Turns out gold and silver alone weren’t the metals used in ornaments in the Victorian era. This pair of cut steel earrings is an export from the 1800s. Gunmetal grey in color and exhibiting an unusual spark, this pair of danglers is perhaps the first of its kind. Though research reveals a genre of jewelry that uses steel alone, this one surely is an exemplary creation.


Victorian Navette Ring
This one is dated back to 1890, which is not so long ago, in human history time. This Victorian navette ring scores an easy place in the list of the most coveted ornaments in the history of jewelry. Encrusted in small diamonds, this large marquise shape ring is a timeless piece that in nobody’s imagination can look irrelevant, as far as fashion is concerned.


Hand Earrings from Late Georgian Era
If the above pieces haven’t impressed you enough, you are just about to be thrown off your feet by this one. This Georgian pair of hand earrings has magnetized collectors from all over the world, eluding the grasp of those with lesser means. Inlaid with microscopic details, this pair of hand earrings is final seal of excellence of craftsmanship of its time. Crafted by a pair of highly skilled hands, this one could not be dated to a specific decade.

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