Antique Jewel Collectibles: Let Your Personal Collection Proliferate


Those who have a penchant and a pocket for collecting antique jewelry have a vast treasury to plunge into. Diverse pieces of jewelry have been exported through time from the history and that makes the antique jewelry market of today. There are options aplenty, and with a deep pocket, you can amass so much. The industry is suffused with antique jewelry collectibles that can’t be more diverse in their provenance, design, inspirations, craft and more. Listed here are some extremely desirable antique curios that make fine additions to personal collections and equally potent entries to your wearables section.

Jeweled Charm Peg Doll
This is perhaps the most adorable entry in this list. This one came from Germany, possibly from around the 1930s. This charm doll is unique and probably has no match at this time. A charm for a bangle, wristlet or any wrist ornament, it embodies gold plated porcelain which explains the weight. Tall about the size of a small pinkie, this one has moveable limbs that are part gold and white porcelain. A loop is firmly placed on top of the hair. A little color has been used to draw the facial details of the doll.

Moonstone Clover Rings
If you love jewelry that is vintage, then you can’t possibly take your eyes off of these beauties. Moonstone clover rings belonged to an unknown era or they were scarcely produced throughout history, who knows. These rings use moonstones as center stones and in others for the halo. The moonstone rings mostly exhibit halo designs. They involve the use of other gemstones like blue sapphire, blue diamond, garnet, ruby and such. Just one such ring is enough to lighten up the entire attire.

Blue Scarab Pendant
Now whether this one came from the Egyptian cursed pyramid or not is not clearly known. Jokes apart, this curio has a distinct mystery element to it. The pendant wears a blue opal with which the head and back shell of the scarab has been made. Thin gold strips have been used to mark the segments of the insect’s body. It stands on a gold plate that makes for the scarab’s antennas, legs, etc. It is a rather diminutive piece, but has a special appeal of its own. It is definitely rare and the idea hasn’t been largely explored since.
Happiness comes for a price, and if your happiness lies in antique jewels, then you ought to find the rarest of them all. All the mentioned pieces had surfaced in auctions at different points and are already claimed. However, even if you can’t own them, let them be the inspirations in the way of finding exquisite pieces. Keep attending auctions more often to find something worthy of spending your fund on.

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