Special Diamonds for Your Anniversary Ring

Anniversaries are special events, making the choice of diamond anniversary rings important as well. To make the occasion an extraordinary experience, the couple can opt for rare diamond cut options when buying their rings instead of just the usual round brilliants. Many jewelers offer stones with more than twenty different cuts to choose from.

Special Diamonds for Your Anniversary Ring

The marquise cut is among the best alternatives to the round brilliant diamonds with this cut are wide, with pointed ends. Since this cut was specially made for Louis XIV, France‚Äôs Sun King, many people consider marquise cut diamonds as “royal-shaped” diamonds. The shape is difficult to produce, making this shape rare.

Another diamond cut worth trying is the emerald cut. Diamonds of this type are rectangular, with cut corners and facets that sit parallel to one another. Its sharp definition and geometric lines made it a favorite during the Art Deco period, and have seen resurgence in popularity in recent years. For the prettiest results, make sure your emerald cut stone has a strong clarity grade.

If you are looking for classic and unique diamond jewelry, a cushion cut diamond is an excellent choice. The cushion cut, also known as the pillow cut, is named for the way it seems like it is resting on a pillow. Its shape can be an oval, square or rectangle but it always has rounded corners. It has 60 facets and due to this it is also known as a candlelight diamond, because when the diamond comes near candlelight it releases a brilliance that will surely take your breath away.

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