Amethyst Jewelry You Will Love

Amethyst is officially the birthstone of February, but that doesn’t mean those born in other months do not have a right to it. Anybody can proudly own and flash amethyst jewelry. And why shouldn’t they, when the choices are so enormous. Amethysts naturally occur in a rich variety of colors, from lilac to lavender, raspberry to wine, and more. So, that gives buyers plenty to pick from. For thousands of years, amethysts have adorned royalties and religious leaders alike. Now it’s time for the mass to embrace this spectacular purple gemstone.

Halo Cocktail Amethyst Ring
Amethyst cocktail rings are an eyeful, and a halo only adds a cherry on top. This style includes a diamond halo around the center amethyst. White diamonds create a ring of fire around the purple of the amethyst which only enhances the color and sparkle of the center stone. The pairing of amethyst and diamond goes a long way and although new in cocktail rings, it has introduced a new streak in cocktail ring designs. Amethysts being relatively cheaper than other precious gemstones, buyers can easily afford a sizeable stone without a pocket pinch.

Amethyst Diamond Drop Earrings
Another amethyst jewelry that you will albeit fall for at the very first sight is amethyst drop earrings. A design which is gaining popularity, slowly, but surely is cushion-cut amethyst earrings. To dial up the sparkle, the modern drop earrings wear diamond halos around the amethyst. Once again, the effect is the same as discussed in the cocktail ring section. The white of the diamonds, without bleeding into the amethyst, enrich the purple color while playing up the sparkle perceivably. Cushion-cut amethyst drop earrings, among others deserve special mention, for good reasons.

Amethyst and Topaz Halo Pendant
Another amethyst jewelry that will win your heart right at first sight is the amethyst and topaz halo pendant. Instead of diamonds which obviously zooms the price up, this one uses white topaz which is infinitely inexpensive, and fitting, as far as the effect is concerned. The white burns in a ring around the purple core creating a dazzling sight. Amethyst pendants are available in different fancy cuts and shapes. If you have a favorite in shapes, you can get the pendant custom-decorated with the gemstone of your choice. Amethyst pendants are generally light and petite and good for everyday wear.

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