Some Amazing Theories and Stories about Diamonds

Diamonds are crowning jewels in the gemstone catalogue, a stone that has won and reigned the hearts of millions for centuries. The popularity of diamonds exceed from women to men for a definite reason. In all likelihood, every reader has at least one ornament in their vault that is beset with diamonds. If diamonds have enchanted people through centuries, they should now catch the curiosity of their admirers, because there are quite a few enticing facts about these dazzlers that have come down to us through pages of history.

If you believe in astrology, then here is a sweet surprise for the April-borns. Diamond is your birthstone. While that gives you a bonus excuse to buy another diamond jewelry, it also brings with it the truth that this stone reigns your birth month, and thereby, some of its characteristics it shares with those born in the fourth month of the year. Next time you wonder to who you owe your burning passion and attractive personality, do care to save some credits for these stones.

Diamonds have a pretty sacred history. The Greeks and the Romans who were swept away by the brilliance of this stone believed that diamonds were but tears of Gods that fell from the heaven. Since they couldn’t explain the mysterious occurrence of these dazzling minerals in the depth of the earth, they called it tears of Gods. Some believed that they were splinters of stars that scattered out from fallen stars.

So how old exactly are diamonds? Well, no one knows for a fact, but it is being told that they are older than billions of years. The most definite theory that was found about that age of diamonds say that it is three billion years old.

Did you ever wonder what is the composition of a diamond? Time for a little surprise, it is 100% carbon, or nearly 100%. Colored diamonds do contain trace quantities of other minerals, but translucent, D flawless varieties of diamonds are full carbon. But, how can carbon be anything but black? That’s the mind boggling part. Inside the core of the earth, intense pressure and temperature season some carbon formation turning them into brilliant colorless clusters. This transformation has baffled geologists and gemologists alike, and if there is one way of putting it, it is one of nature’s many miracles.

Diamond was named by the Greek from the word “adamas”.  Adamas in Greek means indestructible.

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