All there is to know about the Emerald Cut Diamond

In the world of diamonds and precious stones, emerald cut diamonds are some of the most widely available. Their shape and bold simple lines have captured the heart of connoisseurs for generations. At the same time it is important to note that emerald cuts lack the brilliance diamonds are famed for, but emphasizes a stone’s clarity. For this reason therefore you have to pay close attention to a number of elements before deciding to buy the stones.

The word “cut” in “emerald cut diamonds” does not refer to the cut grade indicated on a certificate that comes with the stone, but the jewel’s shape and facet style.  Emerald cut diamonds belong to the step cut category of diamonds. Their facets are rectangular and elongated, with outlines that are also rectangular or in some cases square. Though a number of step cut diamonds may be square shaped, emerald cut diamonds are always rectangular. The length to width ratio of the diamonds can be anything from 1:1.25 to 1:1.75. Their corners are often cropped to prevent accidental chipping.

When shopping for emerald cut diamonds a lot of people place an emphasis on the clarity of the diamonds as opposed to the sparkle. This is due to the placement of the facets, which are designed to highlight the crystal instead of turning it into a prism.

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