An Aftercare Regime for All Diamond Jewelry

Diamond ornaments have a very specific aftercare routine which is a touch different from those that apply to other gemstone jewelry. For instance, scratching with a discarded toothbrush is not the right way of cleaning even if it’s a natural diamond. There is a cleaning and maintenance procedure for diamond jewelry. Following that not only keeps the pieces immaculately clean even when worn everyday, but also helps preserve the shine and luster of the stone for the longest time. Follow the do’s, but also remember to avoid the don’ts, by definition, in order to turn the sparkler as good as new after a wash.

The Warm Water Treatment
A warm water dip can work wonders in flushing out all the dirt and grease from the stone. If you have never tried this one, you have done yourself a disservice. You’ll be amazed to witness the affectivity of a warm water bath on diamond rings and other jewelry. However, do not throw the items in the sink, or you will end up draining out the smaller pieces through the sinkhole by accident.

Dish Cleaners Are a No-No
Diluting any cleaner does reduce its abrasive quality, but that does not make them mild enough to be used on your diamond valuables. Other chemicals to avoid when cleaning diamond jewelry are alcohol and ammonia. It is right to plug in a reminder here that any cleanser containing either or both of the chemicals is not recommended to be ideal for cleaning diamond jewelry.

Soap and Soft Brush Make the Best Cleaning Kit
Do it the old way and your diamond will stay new forever. Again, do not use a regular toothbrush that you have abandoned for a new flexi-head one. Try a baby brush or something that has very soft bristles. Do not scrub at the stone too hard or you’ll end up disturbing the polish. Use a very basic soap, which best be your baby’s bathing bar. Hold it under a running faucet while sweeping out the dirt from under the stones.

Professional Cleaning has It’s Downside
If you are too busy to carry out the cleaning by yourself, taking it to the seller obviously sounds like the next best alternative. Now, what you should know here is that jewelers vie to deliver a discernible result when money is involved. So, they use techniques like ultrasonic and steam cleaning to make the results visible. You might walk out of the store with a rather just-bought jewelry for an older one, but you may soon have to return having lost a stone or two. That’s because the cleaning techniques use vibrations and that eases the prong holdings.  Make sure that the prongs and stones have been checked by the jeweler before leaving the store.

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