The Accessory Handbook for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is the busiest part of the year. Parties, dinner invites, social gatherings keep us on our toes all winter. But one can’t complain because the fun and frolic more than make up for the tiring schedules and finance damaging sprees. This year, the holiday season has only begun and most of you are already looking at a fully booked calendar for the rest of the year. So, instead of fretting and groaning, let’s get to learning more about accessorizing for the upcoming parties and galas. The good thing about artful accessorizing is that it can turn even the ugliest sweater into a statement making outfit. Only one condition applies, you have just got to do it right.


Here are some points to read about

Somethings for Your Worst Christmas Sweater: What you need for your worst best Yuletide outfit is a nice set of accessories that complement it. I hope that your ugly sweater is not a jumper, and as long as that is straightened, the accessories I’m going to recommend works with pretty much everything else. For your not-so-fancy, you need a pair of solitaire diamond studs. You guessed it right. I wasn’t going to suggest just the studs. Pair it up with a dainty diamond band. If diamond solitaires mean too much expense to tackle along with other holiday expenses, go for rubies or emeralds. However, for the ring, stick to diamond to complete the ensemble with a nice shiny touch.

When Going to a Friends’ Potluck: At a potluck with your friends, you want to be dressed to look cool and casual. Doll up with a pair of sparkly hoops. The thing that goes just with those cute diamond hoops is some stackable rings. Choose diamond bands in particular to put together a good looking ensemble.

At an Office Party: For the office party, you want to look pretty, but professional. So, a nice solitaire ring with a pair of small drop earrings and a single bracelet does the job. Attract everybody’s attention with that distinct sense of style of yours.

Holiday Parties: Let yourself loose at the holiday parties. Dress up to look stunning. This is the event to bring out your best. Large drop earrings, sparkly necklaces, stackable bracelets, and dramatic rings- to feel fabulous you got to look fabulous. Look ravishing, an absolute crowd stopper that people remember long after you leave for home.

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