All You Need to Know about the Round Brilliant Cut in a Nutshell

The Internet has page after page of information on diamond cuts, but none of us has the kind of time it takes to leaf through all of it. We are more comfortable with the articles that can be skimmed in a hurry. So, to aid reading on the go, here is an article that touches upon all significant and consequential points of round-cut diamonds.

The Round Cut at a Glance
You must start learning about the round cut by knowing that it is the bestselling cut in the market. More than half of the engagement rings that are sold globally have round-cut diamonds for their center stone. That said, it is the most popular diamond shape at this point. The round is a classic cut, but it is also the most sparkling cut there is. The round cut owes it fierce brilliance to its facet configuration that catches most light and returns most of it.

The Best Features
The best feature of the round cut is its intense sparkle which is comparable to no other cuts known to us. But aside the fire, it is also a great cut for slightly included and even included stones. The fierce sparkle of the stone easily eclipses most flaws and blemishes that show themselves straight in other cuts. That said, a buyer can save some money on clarity and color when buying a round cut.

Things to Know
As it stands, the round cut is also the most expensive cut of all. So, expect to pay 20 to 40% more than any other cut on a round cut diamond. The price gets steep all the more owing to the loss of raw materials that is involved in this cut. The loss gets factored into the price inflating it further. As for the size, a round cut has practically no size advantage. So comparatively, a round cut stone looks visibly smaller compared to fancy cut ones, even when they have the same weight.

Best For
A round cut is best fitted for a classical woman who cherishes everything traditional. Another time a round cut works perfectly is when you are not certain of her style. Pick a round cut, nothing can ever go wrong with this cut. The round cut is the safest bet there is and is loved by all. Timeless and swoon-worthy, it is hard to go wrong with a round cut diamond.

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