Things You Don’t Know about Resizing Rings

While it’s pretty difficult to bid farewell to your favorite rings just because they wont fit anymore, there are many ways of still including them in your fashion accessories. Notwithstanding that, most people prefer to go for a resizing. Another occasion where rings are resized when they fit loosely, usually following a weight loss or because of improper sizing. In all the given situations resizing sounds like a sensible thing to do. I’m eye to eye with you on that, except that one should inform himself with every up and downside of the prospect to make sure that they reap the best results from it.

Things You Don’t Know about Resizing Rings

When You Want to Make Your Ring a Size Smaller
Cutting a ring to a size smaller is a pretty simple thing to do for a jeweler. Or at least, it’s an easier job than expanding it to a bigger size. How they do it, is cut the band at a strategic point and slice out a small section and solder it back. The new ring now fits the size asked. Of course the measurement involved demands unfailing precision, but leaving that out, the process is pretty plain. Resizing gets easy or difficult depending on the design and built of the ring. Jewelers often refuse to take resizing orders for rings that have too thick or thin shanks. A side note for the users is that such adjustments can render the ring weak at the point of solder.

When You Want to Make Your Ring a Size Larger
Resizing a ring to a larger measurement is ideally done in two ways. The first is the process in which the ring is stretched to expand. The second method involves reworking the ring to a larger size. Stretching a ring to a larger size is possible only when you want to make it a half a size larger than its present measurement. Reworking the ring to a larger size is the more complex process that does not always yield the best results. Should you choose to get your ring reworked for the purpose of resizing, you should not expect great results, particularly if your present ring features ornate details.

What of Those That Cannot Be Resized
There are some rings that cannot be resized, nor reworked. They cannot be shrunk or expanded. An example is the eternity bands. These bands are sensitive to the alteration processes of cutting and heating.

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