A Wish List of Holiday Blings

The holiday season might be most of the year away, but it’s never too early to start preparing for it. Starting with wardrobe to jewelry, the scale of celebration common in the holiday season demands everything new. So, don’t wait till the last minute to build your treasure collection for this year’s gala. We have put together a wish list of holiday blings that will make you want to head to the store right this instance. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at what blings you should get for the yearend party this time.

Mixed Gems Cocktail Ring
Start this year’s collection with something special, and this one fits just the adjective. Designed with diamonds and rubies/emeralds/sapphires, this ring is a unique creation by someone with imagination. The ring features two flowers, each adorned with a chosen type of gem that meet at the center while the band holding the flowers wind to unite the two in a standing position. With a pop of color and a distinguishable design, this one is just the kind of accessory you want to pep up your New Years’ night outfit.

A Wish List of Holiday Blings

Fancy-Cut Diamond Eternity Band
Fancy cut diamonds will reign supreme this year. So be preemptive in your acquisition of a trendy eternity band that will keep you in fashion the whole year. Among fancy cuts, pear fits the bill. A band of pear-cut diamonds arranged abreast in a slanted position is a rare sight, even in the most prestigious events. If your anniversary is coming, this is your hint to get something special this year.

Oval-Cut Diamond Bracelet
Oval cut diamonds are a fad in engagement rings, and they are now filtering into other kinds of jewelry. In bracelets for example, you will see all kinds of fancy-cut diamonds this year. So, take advantage of the change to get an oval-cut diamond bracelet this year. It’s a prize pick that pairs perfectly with almost anything.

A Wish List of Holiday Blings

Line Diamond Drop Earrings
2019 is the year to go in a different direction in your selection of earrings. This line diamond drop earrings are like diamond encrusted needles hanging from their pins creating a downward drizzling effect of shimmer. It looks alive in all lighting conditions producing an animation which is hard to miss. This style is going to rock in parties and events. You will see these in more varieties this year.

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