A Shopping Guide for Engagement Rings

Men have a very low threshold when it comes to spending time on shopping. So, it comes as no surprise that the ring they pick to propose with is the first piece that catches their eye in a store. Well, some romantics do go to the length of getting the ring custom-made, but such buyers are few and far between. For a man looking for an engagement ring that fits a moderate budget, shopping doesn’t have to be so cumbersome. It actually shouldn’t take more than an hour if you are looking in the right place. Chances are, you do most of the shopping online, already. So, why go ring hunting in stores?

There are four easy steps for shopping for an engagement ring with warrantied results. Let’s take a sweeping glance through it.

Find It Online
Online shopping, as we know it, is both time and money saving. It takes only a dozen clicks and a few minutes of your time to browse through hundreds of store collections. With pretty much all of the commerce domain uploaded online, there is hardly any store that does not have a functional web catalogue. So, finding a ring is as easy as abc.

Personalize the Ring
So, with the choice of ring made, what remains to be done is personalizing it. Now, here is a massive window of opportunity for all you buyers to create a made to order piece that accommodates all your requirements and expectations down to the last detail. Here, you have full control over the design and make of the ring, its components, its price and every other aspect that you can associate with a ring. Choose the type of gemstones you want on the ring, the number of stones and the size you would like. Pick your metal if you like.

See the Preview
If it’s a design that is originally provided by you, the jewelers will create a digital copy of the ring and run it by you before they set to crafting it in the workshop. Upon your response, they proceed as required.

Get It Delivered to Your Doorstep
Normally, a jewelry consignment is delivered within 7 days from the date of purchase or crafting, depending on your location. So, plan the purchase according to the date you have decided to make the proposal on.

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