Radiant Cut Diamonds : A Peep into the History

When the elegance of the emerald cut diamond is made to blend with the brilliance of the round cut diamond, the result is an unparalleled beauty in the form of radiant cut diamonds. Radiant cut diamonds have been designed to shine like the sparkle in her eyes. One can never go wrong with a radiant cut diamond engagement ring. In appearance, the radiant cut shares much similarity with the princess cut diamond, though the former has a slight rectangular outline and cropped corners. The number of facets on a radiant cut varies between 53 and 70 and this feature greatly contributes to the eye-catching shine and silhouette.

A short History of the Radiant Cut Diamond:

The radiant cut diamond came into the diamond industry some thirty nine years back and within a short span of time, it has managed to gain immense popularity. Credit for the creation of the radiant cut diamond goes to Henry Grossbard who in the year 1977 designed the cut blending the best features of the emerald cut and round brilliant cut. Grossbard worked as a master diamond cutter for thirty years before finally creating a cut that gives out the maximum possible brilliance. He wanted to elegantly combine the shape of the emerald cut and the starry facets of the round brilliant cut. In other words, he brought together the ‘step cut’ element from the emerald cut diamond and the ‘light-reflective’ features from the round brilliant cut and gave shape to what we today know as radiant cut diamonds.

At first glance, the radiant cut diamond may appear square, but on closer look, you will notice a definite rectangular outline with trimmed corners. You should be aware of the fact that there are many diamond cutters, who claim to have copied the cuts of Grossbard and labeled it as radiant cut. As a matter of fact, Grossbard’s ‘Original Radiant Cut’ is considered the only authentic radiant cut and in order to get the original radiant cut, a certificate with its authentication is the only way to truly know it.

If you wish to go for a radiant cut diamond, it is important to consider the optimum color and clarity grading because due to the presence of large facets, the stone may reveal the possible imperfections and inclusions hidden therein. A more rectangular radiant cut diamond may also have a bow-tie effect the degree of which may vary from near invisible to severe. This can only be distinguished upon visual inspection as no diamond certificate issues such a report.

Famous Celebrities with Radiant Cut Diamond:

Because of its exceptional beauty, the radiant cut diamond has found its way into the fingers of many famous celebrities. Some of the popular names are Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Megan Fox, etc.


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