A List of Earrings You Should Start Collecting Today

If you are out shopping for earrings, you probably know what’s trending right now. While that’s a big part of the homework, another part that often gets overlooked is one’s own style. Finding a fine pair of earrings is not the whole of the exercise. A lot depends on how well the earrings go with your own style and personality. So, following the ebb and flow of the current trend, we have put together a list of earrings that every girl should have, for they are enormously versatile in their ability to complement all kinds of personalities.

A List of Earrings You Should Start Collecting Today

Hooper Enhancers for the Minimalist
Minimalist who do not like to stuff their collections with bold and heavy pieces will agree with this one. Featuring a diamond each on top, these are hoops that are worn as tops. They may not dangle from your lobes like hoops do, but they are stylish and sleek, just the right pick for adventurous weekends, workdays as well as special occasions.

Emerald Studs for the Traditionalist
The emerald studs are for the lovers of traditional jewelry and for anybody who likes to have a pair of go-to earrings in their jewelry box. A dazzling set of studs, these ones are always going to be in fashion, no matter the season or year. Clean geometric lines, classic basket setting, chunky shimmering diamonds, it is a minimalist’s favorite and a fashion lovers prized asset.

Cascading Line Earrings for the Chic Girl
Moving from the simpler pieces to the more ornate ones, this is a pair anybody would love. Sophisticated and elegant, this piece features diamonds coming down in a single line. A perfect pick for parties and festive occasion, this one can turn any outfit chic in a minute.

Cluster Brilliant Studs for the Wild Spirit
Revel in your wildness with this spectacular set of stud earrings that expresses your passion and spirit. Featuring pear-cut diamonds in random sizes and arrangements, this pair makes a brilliant set for any kind of outfit.

Sapphire Drop Earrings for the Party Girl
Lastly, splurge yourself with these insanely beautiful sapphire drop earrings. Featuring two sizeable blue sapphires at the center, this pair of earrings is bordered with white diamonds. They are hung from French hooks that make wearing and taking off quick and easy. The earrings are artistic in design and rich in aesthetics.

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