A Jewelry Guide for Bridesmaids

If you have an important wedding coming up and you are asked to be a bridesmaid, then you need to start preparing weeks in advance. The gorgeous frock you’ve been promised and a look-book for makeup inspiration aren’t enough to look your part. You need to have everything in order so that when the day arrives, all that’s left to do is put them on and walk out looking like a star. So, to help you dress up for the day, here is some information that will get you started in the right track. Below learn the rules of accessorizing for bridesmaids.


For a Strapless Dress

What works best for a strapless bridesmaid gown is large statement jewelry. Dramatic drops, chunky chokers, oversize diamonds, go bold. Take out all your gaudy treasures and pick and choose from this section. A multi-strand necklace, or maybe a bold choker, take your pick. As long as you have something that surely draws attention, you are good. Complete the look with something elegant like a pair of diamond solitaire studs.


For a Sweetheart or Splice Neck Gown

For halter necklines however, you need to downplay the neckpieces by a wide margin. To bring out the feminine essence of the neckline, you need to pick from your daintiest pieces. A heart pendant or a teardrop locket best completes this look. For the ears, studs work great, but if you are too set on wearing something bigger, small drop earrings is an excellent pick.


For Halter Necklines

High necklines like halter does not leave any room for neckpieces, in which case you have to focus your attention to earrings and bracelets. A pair of statement earrings is good to pair a halter dress and for the hands, wear a modish bracelet that looks great, but does not steal away all the attention.


With Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti dresses again means bare shoulders and therefore your chance to show off your best neckpiece. A bold necklace is good as long as it bears a feminine undertone. You can also pair a spaghetti dress with dainty jewelry like a tennis bracelet or a crystal pendant. Together, they can help achieve a perfectly demure look.


One Shoulder Dresses

Do not risk wearing a neckpiece with a one-shoulder dress. Instead flaunt a pair of flashy earrings or a decorative piece of ring and that does the trick.

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