A Heart-Shaped Diamond for Romantics

One fancy diamond cut resembles a popular symbol, the heart. Great skill must be used to make the heart sparkle, while preserving as much crystal as possible and other details. The effort involved in making a beautiful heart shape reflects the time and care you and your dearest have put into your relationship. By balancing one another’s happiness, the two of you have created a wonderful whole.

To find a heart engagement ring that best matches your love, here are some tips to keep in mind. The heart cut diamond should be as long as it is wide, with both lobes of the same size. The sides leading to the tip tend to be at their prettiest when gently curved rather than straight. If the tip of the heart is pointed, it should be mounted in a way that protects it from chipping. It also helps to get a metal that you feel best offsets the stone, like platinum or white gold to enhance a light color, or yellow gold to create a warm look. With these ideas in mind, finding the perfect stone is simple.

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