A Guide to Shine Your Silver

With the arrival of summer, we are seeing a slight shift in the top choices of metals in jewelry. While gold still stands on top, silver has rose a few steps to brush shoulders with its yellow contender. Silver, this year is making a huge comeback and by the end of this year, you will have accumulated a heaping pile of sterling white jewelry. So, it makes sense to roll out a maintenance guide for silver jewelry now so that you are equipped to care for them the right way. So, let’s get on with the cleaning ritual that best preserves the shine and luster of silver.

A Guide to Shine Your Silver

The process of cleaning a silver bauble can be broken down into three parts as stated and discussed below;

Prepare the Cleaning Solution
Start by preparing a cleaning solution with a drop of the mildest detergent you have at hand and water. Baby shampoo is a good cleanser too, if you have one handy. Alternately you can also be using a silver cleaning solution. Very many varieties of ready cleaning solutions are available in the supermarkets and stores. Just grab one and you can skip the trouble whipping up a solution altogether. But, I’d suggest you prepare your own solution if you are not too busy and do not mind spending a few dollars every once in a while. Also, one thing that is worth mentioning at this stage is that you should use a small bowl for this instead of using your washbasin.

Dip and Rinse
Once the bath is drawn and ready, dunk all your silver jewelry in it. They will sink to the bottom and let them be that way for about 5 minutes. If you are using a cleaning solution, then read the instructions for the appropriate dipping time. Once the jewelry is soaked in for about 5 minutes, fish them out of the water and give them a little rub. For this, you can use your fingers or a tooth brush or anything that is soft enough to not leave scars. Rinse them under the faucet till the soapy slime sloughs off.

Dry and Polish
Now dry them in a clean towel by patting them on the surfaces. Leave them to blot on the towel for 10 minutes or as long as it takes for the water drops to get evaporated. Now polish it with a micro cloth and put them back in the box.

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