A Garden in Your Ring

A Garden in Your Ring

Floral Inspired Rings

Floral motifs have a timeless appeal and endless variations. While all diamond wedding bands and engagement rings are always attractive, an extra touch can make them even more special. This can be done through the choice of diamond cut, precious metal or designs.

One way to add a hint of nature to your ring is through the band. A vine pattern down the shank’s length creates a textured embellishment. Depending on taste, it can be engraved onto a plain metal ring. Molding the image onto the band as part of a diamond engagement ring is another option as well.

Tiny diamonds help add subtle flower imagery. One means is taking a round brilliant cut diamond and giving it a halo, creating a daisy like appearance. Variations may include creating petal-esque elements around the main jewel, and mounting them with pave. Symbolic yet colorful gesture is adding emeralds to your diamond ring. Emerald’s clarity characteristics include mossy patterns visible to the naked eye. Known as jardin or “garden”, the stone creates an unconventional addition to diamond engagement rings with its deep green color.

Leaves are another popular motif. Marquise and Pear Shaped Loose Diamonds are common ways to emulate them. Mounting them parallel to the band as side stones highlights the concept. Pairing the stones with a vine-decorated band or haloed central stone further strengthens the motif.

If you have a specific look in mind and have trouble finding it, consider custom services. Valentin Magro specializes in one-of-a-kind work, whether subdued or extravagant. Every piece receives special care and consideration. It’s our pleasure to make your ideas come to life.

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